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The TikHit program, approved by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, gives motorists the ability to view their driving records and be alerted immediately via TEXT or email, if there is any change to the status of their license.

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  • Monitor Driver Status - Be alerted of any status changes.
  • Driver History - Know your record. Employees & family, too.
  • Informative Reports - Driving Records. Vehicle Information.
  • Text & Email - Alerts right to your inbox, or phone.
  • What are you wait for? Go and Get it.
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The recommended Monitor for You, Your Family and Businesses With Drivers.

As a full service tracking program, we will notify you of ANY status changes to your license. Get alerts via Email or SMS when something shows up on your license.
Personal Use

When you get pulled over, do you want to know what the police officer can see on your record?

Family Monitoring

When your teenager takes out the car, do you want to keep an eye on their driving record?

Business Grade

When hiring a driver, do you want to look at their driving history and know when they get pulled over?

Simple Pricing

We offer 100% satisafaction and Money back Guarantee

Driver Abstracts

  • Quick Abstract

  • Legal Abstract

Driver Alerts

  • Personal
    $7 / month
  • Family
    $7 / member / month
  • Business
    $7 / driver / month

Vehicle Reports

  • Title Report
  • Insurance Report
  • Registration Report

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The recommended Monitor for You, Your Family and Businesses With Drivers.

Be in the know. Get alerts.