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The recommended Monitor for You, Your Family and Businesses With Drivers.

Personal Use

When you get pulled over, do you want to know what the police officer can see on your record?

Family Monitoring

When your teenager takes out the car, do you want to keep an eye on their driving record?

Business Grade

When hiring a driver, do you want to look at their driving history and know when they get pulled over?

Call Us From Home - Not From Jail.

There are many reasons why ones Driver's License can be suspended - a moving violation, a missed court appearance, even an unpaid fee or assessment - and if you get pulled over by a police officer while driving with a suspended license you will be arrested, jailed for up to 48 hours, and be responsible for a hefty fine to reinstate your license.

TikHit is here to make sure this never happens to you!

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Got a Ticket? Call TikHit!

TikHit.com has collaborated with some of the premier traffic and criminal attorneys across the US! We have been assisting clients for over 10 years with their traffic and criminal summonses, ensuring that they get the best representation for the fairest cost.
Unfortunately, there are many companies that disguise themselves as reliable and honest, but too many drivers have been arrested for driving with their license suspended, only to find out that the suspension came about because the company they hired never did what they were supposed to! With Tikhit, we make sure you are represented by a veteran Attorney who will ensure you get the best result possible!